Cultural Diversity Class As A Multicultural Educator Essay

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I have learned a lot from this Cultural Diversity Class. This class have made me think deeper and have a better understanding of a diverse classroom and how this country is going to keep being diverse and grow every year. As I was taking the class I was discovering myself learning new ways on how to treat or understand people from other countries.
I still remember how the journey of reading this book started. When you assigned this book to read it I honestly thought it was going to be a boring book because of how the cover looks. After reading the first couple of pages I felt not fully interested because it did not catch my attention. I kept reading the book and payed more attention to it and I was learning more of how teacher should treat their students and also how to be multicultural. The quote “Multicultural teaching is both a personal and professional process” by Geneva Gay made me think that to be a multicultural educator first we have to know what it means and how we should treat them. We as future educators want to learn more ways about how to teach a diverse class. It was fascinating how I gained new information given and learn the way other people sees it. I really like how we were able to talk without being judged and also we were able to express our opinion freely. There were times where I was seen things one way and this class made me see things in more than one way and think about other options.
I agree that we all have our own thinking and also our own…

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