Cultural Diversity And Tolerance, With Your Student 's Family

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It is important always to be working towards cultural diversity and tolerance, with your student’s family so you can include them in the learning process. One of the Reggio Emilia Approach main elements of their instructional program is to have parent engagement (Roopnarine & Johnson, 2005). The school environment should stimulate, nurture and welcome the students and their families as contributors of the curriculum and part of the learning community. During Spring, 2012 I created and distributed a brochure and handouts as well as created a bulletin board on anti-bias education. Provided the families with additional information about anti-bias curriculum and what they could do at home to enhance their awareness of what it means to be anti-bias can help build positive relationships. I also had many conversations with the teaching staff and family members at the center to discuss and help them become aware of what anti-bias education was and what they could do to improve. Through the observations, I saw how I helped to educate and support the families of the center as they were asking questions and having conversations about anti-bias education. Reflecting on my experiences and working with families in the early childhood field, I understand the importance of a teacher providing information about the instructional programs within their school. I will provide parents information about their student in both the positive and negative aspects, and I will respond to parents’…

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