Essay Cultural Diversity And Its Effects On Society

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o Being placed within Madison Central there are some cultural diversity but not much given that 83.8% of students are White, and that 781 of the 1,785 students at Central are on free lunch. Within this school there are definitely influences from the of minority groups that make up the school. The 7.7% of African Americans, 3.5% of Hispanics and 1.1% of Asians. There are cultural norms you see in the school not only from its population of students but also by the placement, of Madison Central is located just a hop and skip away from main street downtown Richmond, and not too far from Lexington. With that you see a lot of students who live in the lower socioeconomic strata which would also relate with the 43.8% on free lunch, but also many students who have problems with authority figures are due to the lack of enough parental involvement. Within Madison Central the majority of staff are product of MCHS and they have grown up in that climate and uses coopers use of Immersion Experiences to share and connect with students not only on a professional level but a personal level as well.
b. How do these different cultures enrich the school? o These cultures completely enrich the school and bring challenges to the teacher to adapt lesson plans to the changing demographics of students that they are receiving each year. The diversity also allows students to view and see different cultures that include as well as race or socio-economic status and realize the truth and to put away…

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