Essay on Cultural Diversity And Differentiated Instructions

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Cultural diversity and differentiated instructions in classrooms make the challenge of helping educationally diverse learners in regular classrooms a big part of a teacher 's role these days. Most teachers take this initiative to make changes based on learner capacity and knowledge. As teachers, we have a need to differentiate to approach students with the right instruction. Differentiating instruction can be based on giving the students a lecture in reference to their interest and learning profile for a wide-range of learners in mixed classroom settings. This mean that differentiated instruction is adapting lessons to meet student’s individual needs. Some of the characteristics of culturally diverse learner are communication of high expectations, learning within the context of culture and students centered of instruction. Teachers should be flexible with the learning environment to make a successful approach to instruction. Students in many cultures learn different rules for communicating with teachers. They may use facial expressions and body language to connect. Students should receive a consistent message of what they expected to achieve in their class work, to provide students with the structure for basic motivation in which the student can be successful. Learning within the context of culture, meaning those students which parents speak different language at home can learn in different ways. For example, students may have a preference learning in groups that they can…

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