Cultural Differences Shape A Person 's Identity And It Defines Who They Are

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Cultural differences shape a person’s identity and it defines who they are. There are many people around the world who have distinct differences from others and it allows them to have traditions that are special to them only. The goal of the project at hand is for us students to interact with other students who have experienced the differences from who they are versus their peers. Understanding cultural diversity is extremely important for many because it allows people to become one with themselves, to practice their religion or traditions freely without being discriminated against. Everybody is born different, so to understand another person 's point of view besides yourself allows them to feel welcome and it displays that you do not mind for what they offer. Around the world, however many do feel they can not be themselves and practice who they are freely which keeps them secluded to the inside world. There is no need for that though, it is encouraged that they come out freely and practice who they are and display their traditions because everybody is different from one another and it should be respected no matter what. The goal of this project is for us students to understand cultural differences of other people and for us to accept it, therefore people who we view as different do not feel confided to a corner, but feel allowed to practice their traditions and religions freely.

To begin with, interviewing someone for this question was the task at hand and there are…

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