Cultural Differences In Discipline

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Register to read the introduction… Becoming more conscious of this pattern can help you when your child starts to become more independent”. Today, many people are aware of what good parenting styles are and they often approach this issue positively to how their policies can work well to discipline their child.
Results of Cultural Differences in Discipline North America and its schools are becoming increasingly culturally diverse. According to Tom Mclntyre and Patricia Silva, “The lack of knowledge that most educators possess regarding both child abuse and culturally different child-rearing creates fertile ground for misjudging the appropriateness of parental practices”. Teachers who adhere to the disciplinary practices of majority culture may see the culturally different practices as a child abuse. This means that use of culturally different discipline practices can create great risks for parents such as being reported for abuse to agencies. Recently, this has become a serious problem for immigrant parents who have settled in the
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According to Susan Bitensky, a writer for The New York Times, “The punishment has no real positive educational or moral effects on children. The studies instead show that physical chastisement is correlated with multiple adverse effects on children, some of which are serious and may persist into adulthood”. Another effect of behaving a child abusive is that increase the probability of the child being physically aggressive. Therefore, spanking, corporal punishment and other practices should be outlawed in every schools and other places because of children …show more content…
Child-rearing perfectly is the main purpose of being good parents. Advocacy group or children services should be much aware of children are in safe, and they should work on some studies which help to decrease or stop the use of abusive disciplining or punishment for the children. On the other hand, educational helps act an important role to help parents or others how to get excellent politics to apply on children. These educational helps can include some workshops or panels to teach them what a good disciplining is, and when discipline becomes abuse. In this manner, children services, states and politicians should help to increase the public awareness with bills or bans, create excellent models of parenting and give a chance for immigrant parents to adapt regular American’s discipline styles without any

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