Cultural Differences Between The United States Of America And China

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Culture is an extremely important part of our everyday lives. Culture can be recognized traits and actions but it can also be underlying or unintentional acts of beliefs. Part of our culture can be the way you react to certain things and you may not even know that your culture had such an effect on those reactions. Hofstede defines six dimensions of culture in order to compare countries and societies on a collective scale. I will use these six dimensions to show the differences of business culture between the United States of America and China but first it is necessary to define these six dimensions and show how they each affect cultural traits.
The Six Dimensions of Culture Hofstede initially defined four different dimensions of culture and two more dimensions have been added since his research was released. It is necessary to constantly evaluate the way culture is defined because culture does not have a certain time limit, meaning that culture is an ever-evolving thing. In order to understand the cultural differences between countries, you must first understand the definitions of the different dimensions. We will be using the country comparison database from The Hofstede Center which uses a scoring scale from 1-100 do show how strongly a country follows that dimension or not. 1-100 is also only to be viewed as a scale, not to be viewed as a higher score being better than a lower score but more of defining how large the gap or separation is.
Hofstede’s Four Initial…

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