Essay on Cultural Differences Between Supervisor And Supervisee

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As the demographics of the United States continue to become quite diverse, especially in regard to race, culture, gender, and ethnicity, incorporating the significance of these variables in the professional development of psychologists becomes even more imperative than ever before (Eklund, Aros-O’Malley, & Murrieta, 2014; Tummala-Nara, 2004). As such, although cultural differences may be emphasized in supervision sessions regarding client care and case conceptualization, oftentimes the significance of cultural difference between supervisor and supervisee is glossed and minimized (Ancis & Marshall, 2010). According to Ancis and Marshall (2010), despite the importance of how open dialogue around cultural differences can strengthen and deepen a supervisor and supervisee relationship, this area remains limited in regard to research and training for mental health professionals. The proposed paper will provide a brief overview of the literature in cultural difference between supervisor and supervisee, in addition to offering some suggestions for future research.
Throughout the literature, supervision is described as a process and experience in which a professional with mastery level skills, guides and transmits knowledge to a student throughout their training (Bernard & Goodyear, 2013). Additionally, the supervisor carries on various roles, including that of a teacher, a therapist and a consultant (Falender & Shafranske, 2010). For the purpose of this paper, the definition of…

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