Cultural Differences Between People And People From Different Countries

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Culture is how we communicate, our beliefs, backgrounds. It is who we are, we live in a world with lot of countries, and the people from those countries have their own values and beliefs. In order that a communication between different culture succeed, it is necessary to have knowledge of the person you are about to communicate with. The knowledge of others cultures helps us to understand people from different countries.
Culture differences can lead to miscommunications and conflicts that at the same time become stereotypes. These stereotypes are the ideas, concepts and image that people have from a certain group of individuals. Stereotypes may be wrong or accurate. For example most of the people think that all Chinese know Kung Fu, and there is a misconception that Muslims are a terrorist. People tends to label others individuals just because are different and no one focuses in what the different cultures have in common.
It is impossible to ignore people from another cultures. Todays the world has become smaller, we are living in a society where intercultural encounters are very common. The globalization which is process of global integration in the political, economic, social, cultural and technological fields, has turned the world into an increasingly interconnected place; causing the boundaries to disappear. The advance of telecommunication and transportation is changing our sense of distance. Back in time it was more difficult get in touch and have knowledge of others…

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