Cultural Differences Between Native Americans And European Americans

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The cultural differences between Native Americans and European Americans caused frequent clashes that often led to destruction of land and people. These differences include religious practices and ruling practices, among others. Unfortunately, these cultural differences resulted in blood shed during war or captivity, which ultimately forced the Native Americans to be assimilated into European culture or migrate west to reservations ( ).

Many different Native American groups lived on the East Coast of what would become United States. They spoke many different languages. Some were farmers, some were hunters. Some fought many wars, others were peaceful. These groups are called tribes. Their names are known to most Americans...the Senecas, the Mohawks, the Seminole, the Cherokee to name only a few. These tribes had developed their own cultures many years before the first European settlers arrived. Each had a kind of religion, a strong spiritual belief. Many tribes shared a similar one A (Clash of Cultures in the New World:
The Indians on the East Coast shared a highly developed system of trade. Researchers say different tribes of Native Americans traded goods all across the country(Clash of Cultures in the New World: .
The first recorded meetings between Europeans and the natives of…

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