Cultural Differences Between Language And Culture Essay

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Language is so closely related to culture since it is used to convey culture and cultural ties. It is almost impossible to understand a culture without using language to teach and educate others about it. There are various topics that relate to both language and culture which explain why they are interdependent and connected. Verbal performing arts, bilingualism, and political language are just some examples of such topics. These topics will be discussed to demonstrate the close ties between language and culture.
Movies, television, and theater are verbal performing arts that have become expressions of the current culture of society. When there are changes in culture, these media platforms change to fit the current culture, but there are times that they can also be used the preserve cultures of the past. In the article Take Care of the Poets, it is discussed how a small tribe in northern Pakistan is struggling to preserve their culture because the language is being abandoned. The Kalasha tribe uses songs and poems called laments, to express their dismay in people who abandon their culture and religion for others, and praise songs, which is dedicated to the singer of the lament. “The major aspects of Kalasha poetry […] compels us to consider performances of verbal art to be materially fundamental to Kalasha cultural reproduction, and hence to the preservation of Kalashamon.” (Carlo 2010: 147-149) The only way this endangered culture can keep its culture alive is by telling…

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