Cultural Differences Between China And America

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Contrast in Country
A country is a nation with its own common language, culture, race, government, religion, or history. China and America are both different in culture and their beliefs of how they should live. As cultures have different systems thinking, sometimes foreigner may run into serious trouble without knowing the rules. Therefore, we should learn the difference values between each country, such as in the family, school, and workplace.
There are many kinds of families in the world. Most Chinese families are extended families; Asians believe family is very important and should stay together as a whole; however, Americans believe in the nuclear family and live independently; most children move away when they are twenty and live by themselves.
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Chinese education believes the student should pay more attention to the character while Americans attach attention to personality. Chinese parents taught their children to force to their own dream, and have the lack of proper care to the child 's happiness and ignore the child 's individual existence. Unlike Chinese parents, American parents respect the child 's personality and let them choose independently. The school levels system in China is very different than in America; In China school has three levels, six years of middle school, three years of pre-high school and three years of high school; America also has three levels, however, the levels system are the four years of elementary school, four years of middle school, then four years of high school. Thus, students are gone for twelve years of school education in almost every country, but the school levels system is different in these two …show more content…
Therefore, Chinese think having a stable job is fortunate because the economy is changing all the time and jobs isn’t always enough, one person may do only one job in his whole life, so Chinese always put all their effort on a job. By contrast, Americans had more choice on jobs; you can always win other’s respect by working hard. Another area of difference in workplace are the “face culture”, Chinese people are afraid of feeling ashamed or embarrassed in front of others; for example, if the manager assistance requested with lack of details, rather than asking for more details, some Chinese people will pretend that they understand, then talk to their colleagues to try to figure out what the manager actually requested. Americans will usually ask the manager to clarify the requests. Depending on the working system and conditions, people have different beliefs and

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