Cultural Differences Between Black And White Students Essay

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Cultural Dynamics in College
It is evident that many Black students experience stress due to a sense of alienation and a lack of social support. Thus, there is increased pressure on colleges and universities to prioritize retention efforts by creating a cultural atmosphere that is more appealing and encouraging to Black students. This cultural disconnect is relevant and illustrated by two research studies. The racial attitudes and perceptions of both Black and White undergraduate students contribute to interracial conflict. Given their different socialization experiences, Black and White students have different conceptual views concerning the existence of racism in higher education. The maintenance of diversity was threatened during the 1940 's to1950 's as many colleges and universities found it difficult to retain African American students. Incongruities between their culture and the campus environment fueled an alarmingly high attrition rate among Blacks (Berger & Lyon, 2005). Consistent with previous research, the majority of White students enrolled at this university have attended predominantly White or all-White schools before coming to college, and lived in mostly or all-White communities. Thus, White students do not know what it feels like to experience racism from the Black students’ perspective. The data from the focus group discussions challenge the notion that increased structural diversity on college campuses will in and of itself contribute…

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