Essay on Cultural Crossvergence

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Cross cultural studies has great impact especially to business managers. National culture or core culture that developed the individual before it is influenced by other factors in the environment and society is subject to change depending on how strong the influences would be. However for the individual to fit in, they have to embrace the new found culture or a new culture might have evolved combining the core values and the current society’s value.

Literature Review

In Kelley, MacNab and Worthle (2006) paper, they have studied that when two or more diverse cultures are combined together, depending on how strong the county’s core national culture, three things may occur – culture convergence, divergence or
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With the influences being set, he looked into the three ways on how values evolves.

First one is the Convergence. Convergence theory is said to develop in relation to technology without taking consideration the sociocultural influences. This means that the new value will be created from the core value blended with the value that correspond to the current technology. In the area of project management for example, due to companies going for internalization, the some traditional way of handling and implementing project may no longer be applicable. If communication was done through telephone before, most of the companies are now using webinars, online gotomeeting or the less expensive and most prefer method in the case of our company and client – through skype. Our head office has actually started installing skype to all our meeting rooms to meet international client’s preference.

Divergence theory is the exact opposite of the Convergence where the sociocultural influence becomes static regardless of changes technology, economy and politics. Japan for example is considered a homogeneous culture and popularly stereotypes as high collectivist culture. This can be attributed to the Japanese history.

The most recent developed values theory is the Crossvergence where both sociocultural

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