Cultural Contribution Item Group Presentation : Hannah Ledesma, Pauline Jahren, And Megan Milani

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I am in a group with 3 other students for our Cultural Contribution Item Group Presentation: Hannah Ledesma, Pauline Jahren, and Megan Milani. While discussing topics in class, we all agreed that we wanted to choose a topic that is part of a current public controversy. We decided to base our topic off of transgender issues in our society, and more precisely, issues transgenders deal with within different age groups. This was something we all agreed could be easily discussed with the topics covered in class and is relevant to our society. We had discussed transgender issues in class, but not to the extent that we would be covering throughout our presentation.
In order to complete research for our topic, our group met to discuss exactly what we wanted to include in our project. We decided that each one of use would be assigned a specific age group which include pre-puberty, puberty, adulthood, and old age. My specific age group that I researched is puberty. My group members and I decided that each of us would research our topic and include information that deals with the various issues faced by each of these age groups when they change genders and also issues they may deal with after. In order to start my research, I browsed through various sites that simply discussed transgenders, what they are, and how it is relevant today. I gained general knowledge about transgenders and from there I visited more specific sights dealing with our topic. While doing so, I found a few…

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