Cultural Context Of Who 's Irish Essay

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Cultural context in “who’s Irish.”
Culture is the characteristic and knowledge of a particular group of people; national identity has been the main reason as to why countries exist and disparities between individual countries exist too. Immigrants over a long period of time have moved to the United States to work, develop businesses or enjoy freedom. The United States of America has been known for a long time to be a great country that welcomes any individual regardless of race, color or gender. The immigrants on the other hand get culture shock since they are used to their culture that is different from their home country. The immigrants also undergo different life experiences during their transition to the American culture. One iconic American-Chinese writer, Gish Jen, wrote and interesting story, “who’s Irish” which clearly describes the life experiences of most immigrants. The short story, “who’s Irish” centers around an immigrant mother having conflict with her daughter, and her in-laws on their moral conduct and their way of bringing up her grandchild. In reference to today’s immigration situation and cultural diversity, the short story, “who’s Irish” portrays the different characters’ behaviors influenced by their actions due to their races, their moral ethics, class, gender, and particular events which influenced their actions in the literary work.
The story “who’s Irish?” by Gish Jen is a story of an elderly Chinese woman, who is the narrator living with her…

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