Jennifer Aniston Manipulation

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Just like countless celebrities before her, Jennifer Aniston has had a bumpy ride with the media but has lost control of her media portrayal long ago as she has been violently attacked by the media’s manipulation. The paradox of cultural context is limiting in that her career is formulated upon the inarguable reliance of media, truthful or not.
Close reading of the text provides insight into the minds of the manipulative authors of the fourth estate and how they create such intrusive content to engulf the curiosity of the reader. How do they create this element of curiosity and this notion of gossip? Through dubious or the lack of sources reporting on these topics, in which is seen in an article from Kelly Lynch in which is enriched by a lack
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These nameless sources in which are the basis to all of the drama may be people within the media outlet to decrease the time needed to write an article in which to sell. Hence, it is evident that Jennifer Aniston is manipulated by the fourth and fifth estate in order to increase sales, hits, clicks and to increase their monetary value.
Moreover, most of the content created by the fourth estate in ridiculed and sensationalizes by the fifth estate starts becoming superficial in order to sell news. Furthermore, these celebrities are human and their lives are idealized to celebrity status to once again, to sell articles. Techniques such as linking farfetched and in turn creating drama from nothing. The media shapes people into stock characters, its relationship with celebrities is often too close to the point of manufacturing stories to create a copy and it reinforces stereotypes to appeal to people’s
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Journalists have the right to resist compulsion to intrude.”
The uncomfortable reminder of the consequence of ‘gossip news’ is deceptive when all articles based around celebrities are ‘dumbed down’ for the sake of readers not having to be confronted literately when reading about these trivial public disputes amongst celebrities. The ongoing implication of ‘gossip media’ are provocative in that humanity is not moving forward and are not being challenged to learn and to hone in skills to educate us all.
In conclusion, the public needs to be educated about the common way in which celebrities are conveyed, in this case, Jennifer Aniston. Society needs to be more educated about how the media manipulate celebrities for their own profit motive through the lack of evidence and dubious sources, creating stereotypes to appeal to people’s prejudices, important news being silenced, how the journalists get an image or a story and whether it has broken a celebrities privacy and finally ‘gossip’ reporting ‘dumbs down’ society as a

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