Cultural Conspective: The Cultural Perspective On My Life

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The cultural perspective has had a large impact on my life and is exhibited in numerous

theories, such as conformity, internalize commitment, post conventional, individuative-reflective

and the democratic style. According to, the “Cultural perspective refers to the way that


individuals are shaped by their environments, plus social and cultural factors. Such factors

include a person 's nationality, race and gender” ( In short, it is how one’s ethnology

In fifth grade, I began attempting to conform to the dominant society, since it was the

majority of my school’s population. Conforming is when one “identif[ies] closely with dominant

society” (Daniels, 2015). I conformed by listening to an epitome
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Which was having my braids pulled all the way to the back of my head, in

a low ponytail. I lost, in essence, my heritage; since I was transformed into someone I was not.

However, I did it because I wished for the “dominant society” to approve of me. This period,

heavily shaped my advancement, because this was the stage, in my life, where I began to pick

away at what I perceived to be flaws, even though I could never change these faults.

Additionally, this time period pushed me to act a completely different way in high school.

Overall, though at the time I just craved to fit in, conforming to pressure led to a rebellion within

In middle school, I lost my blackness and only spoke about being Trinidadian. However,

after a horrible experience, I began to love myself and truly identify with my beauty. In high

school, I tended to love my culture, although I wished that I could find a way to express it,

further. Besides learning a considerable amount with reference to my heritage, in college, I found

a way to honestly internalize my culture. Thus, I reached the internalized-commitment stage


Healthy racial identity development is achieved when Blacks progress through
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I was free to form my own decisions. It gave me the assured feeling to know,

that even if others might disagree with me, I could still have an opinion and do what I desired.

On balance, through masterminding my own plans, I gained a sense of freedom and assurance.

Growing up, my mother believed in the democratic style. After my parents attained a

divorce, they were granted joint custody; so pretty much, my siblings and I had no control, over

anything. A democratic style, is described as “slow in decision making and sometimes confusing,

but frequently proves to be more effective because of strong cooperation that generally emerges

with participation” (Daniels, 2015). In what I believe was an attempt to give my siblings and me

some control, my mother allowed us to vote on many occurrences and be extraordinarily

opinionated. The item we chiefly voted on was food. For example, when I was a child, I hated

plain applesauce, so my family voted and now we only buy cinnamon. This sculpted my fruition,

being that, today, I tend to be democratic with everything I participate in, especially group

projects. In group projects, I endeavor to make sure that everyone is included in the

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