Cultural Competency : The Health Care System Essay

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Cultural Competency
The health care system may be unique in being a true melting pot of cultures, ethnicities and races. No matter ones background, health care and maintenance is a necessity of life. The cultural landscape of America is a constantly changing one. It is project that by the year 2045 that non-Hispanic Caucasians will represent less than 50% of the U.S. population for the first time (Alba, 2015). However this estimate may actually be inaccurate because of the numerous American families that already incorporation multiple racial, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. Nurse anesthetist that provide anesthesia for surgery are exposed to myriad of cultures and difference related to them. These difference may affect how an anesthetist interacts with their patent. It may be make a simple procedure into a more challenging one, It may also effect an anesthetist own beliefs and how that approach a case. The United States Census Bureau estimates that every 28 seconds a new immigration enters the U.S. bring with them different languages, customs, and beliefs (United States Census Bureau, 2016). Culture can be defined as knowledge, experiences, values, customs, beliefs, skills, preferences, and technique that are passed on from more member of a group or community to another. This can be done by family members, peers, and social group, religious or professional organization.
The Joint Commission, a health care regulating body, defines cultural competence as health care…

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