Essay about Cultural Competency : Awareness & Sensitivity

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Cultural Competency: Awareness & Sensitivity – Communication
Whilst the importance of verbal communication is essential to effectively working with a community, non-verbal communication should never be underestimated. Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islander people have great awareness of non-verbal communication, like body language and the message this sends about how the person is feeling. As workers, we must recognise that Indigenous Australian and Torres Strait Islander people and communities do have concerns surrounding the possible negative influence human service workers can have. Therefore, it is essential practice in a respectful, sensitive and culturally appropriate manner when working in a community.
Remember the past Remember that based on past policies and past experiences, Indigenous Australian people may have distrust.

Environment Indigenous Australian and Torres Strait Islander flags, artwork, signage, and other visual cues may communicate to Indigenous Australian people that the services are culturally safe and welcoming.

Welcome A smile and a nod is welcoming, even without words.

Relationships first Person before Business – ask about family, share information about yourself.

Tone of voice Speak in gentle tones, do not speak too fast
Do not make assumptions about the level of English proficiency of a client, including level of literacy. Making an assumption may offend and may result in broken trust and may not return to receive…

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