Cultural Competence Of Nurses Offering Healthcare Services Essay

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In nursing, cultural competence involves nurses offering healthcare services to a culturally diverse society by recognizing and respecting the healthcare practices of others. In this view, health practitioners should not make assumptions about the beliefs of other people, and it is important to ascertain patients ' level of health knowledge and the position of men and women in society. Given that cultural competence involves interacting with patients from different cultures, it is imperative that medical practitioners practice sensitivity and proper communication in their field (Vaughan, Jacquez, & Baker, 2009).
Cultural Preservation enables the patient and family to safely incorporate part of their culture into care promoting healing and recovering (Grand Canyon University, 2015). Different patients have diverse cultural beliefs about a particular health issue. An example of this could be from the Latino America culture where the “Evil Eye” (mal de ojo) is said to be caused by admiring looks from a more powerful person and predominately affects children. To prevent from “evil eye” mothers made their child wearing an special amulet, avoid eye contact between the child and the person who is known to have “evil eyes” or to ask this person to refrain from admiring in any way the child. Likewise, “evil eye” treatment include prayer and direct contact with the perpetrator who will need to place his hand on the affected child head and other types of rituals. Nurses can allow this…

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