Cultural Competence And Social Diversity Essay

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1. Officials: VA teen died from stabbing
a. Micro: Nicole Madison Lovell, David Eisenhauer, Mary Pettitt, Spokesperson for KIK, Natalie Keepers, Tammy Weeks,
b. Mezzo: Seventh-graders, engineering Students
c. Macro: Virginia Tech, Facebook, KIK, Blacksburg Police Department
1.05(a)- Cultural Competence and Social Diversity
In Cultural Competence and Social Diversity, section A, of Social Workers Ethical Responsibility to Clients, it says “Social Workers should understand culture and its function in human behavior and society, recognizing the strengths that exist in all cultures” (Workers, 2008). The Social Worker in this case should be competent about technology, specifically social media, because the apps KIK, “a chat software, especially popular with young teens” (Foreman, 2016), and Facebook, play a part in Nicole’s life. The Social Worker should understand generally how social media or the lack thereof, works in all three of these young peoples’ lives, since it could help in enhancing an understanding who the clients are. 1.04(a)- Competence
In section A of Competence in Social Workers Ethical Responsibility to Clients, it says “Social Workers should provide services and represent themselves as competent only within the boundaries of their education, training, license, certification, consultation received, supervised experience, or other relevant professional experience” (Workers, 2008). Social Workers in this case, need to be competent in the legal system, since these…

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