Essay on Cultural Competence And Its Impact On The Modern World

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Cultural competence is defined in the Siegen’s Medical Dictionary as the ability to understand, appreciate, and interact with persons from cultures and/or belief systems other than one’s own, based on various factors (“cultural competence”). This aptitude and mindset is being sought after by today’s employers more often than before, especially in the career field of my choice, Nursing.
As the world becomes smaller and people and civilizations become more easily accessible, majority of all Americans have had the capability to interact with people from other nations. I believe to fully comprehend and understand the full meaning and definition of culture competence, you must first understand what “culture” means. The founder of Cultural Anthropology, E.B. Tylor defined culture as, “…the complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society (Tylor 1).” Culture affects many parts of the way the modern world go about their everyday lives. This goes from how children are raised, how families talk and communicate with each other, to what is considered “normal” and “not normal”, where we decide to live, the way we dress, when and where we see or get medical attention and the list goes on.
Cultural competence requires learning about cultural biases and prejudices and understanding why cultures live the way they do. Having this skill is essential and I believe should be required or…

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