Essay on Cultural Competence And Cultural Diversity

1760 Words Apr 24th, 2016 null Page
Cultural competence refers to understanding other cultures, by obtaining cultural education, understanding how different cultures function in society, how society has treated their culture and their cultural behaviors (Lum, 2004). While interviewing individuals from a different culture the interviewer must show the ability to ask questions about the interviewee’s family and culture without appearing insensitive. Interviewing Deona Queen gave the opportunity to acquire information about her family’s cultural background, while learning how ask question in a sensitive matter. All information obtained during her interview was used to compare to one’s own family cultural background. Deona Queen was encouraged to give a brief description of her family, gender expectations, religious practices, and any additional family values and beliefs that she could think of that would help better understand and compare both cultures. Deona Queen started out the interview by giving family background, such as where her family is from, how many siblings she has and other relevant information. However, the information that is needed to do the cultural interview needed to be more specific, so that an accurate analyzes and comparison could be made. Therefore, more specific questions was asked, such as what is her family culture, and that is when Deona revealed that her family has been raised with strong African American women being the head of the household. Which is starting to become more…

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