Cultural Colonization And Communization Of Indigenous People In Canada

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The ultimate goal of colonization was to assimilate and integrate Indigenous people into Canadian society. As a result, there wouldn’t be any Aboriginal culture left in Canada. Acts such as the British North American Act was set out to break their culture and identity apart. 1 This process of colonization has not only affected the Indigenous people of Canada, but also Canada as a whole. Therefore, Canadians are working together to fix these problems by reconciliation. The reconciliation efforts has been adequate because more Aboriginal people are sharing their personal experience for awareness and more non-Indigenous Canadians are giving support to the survivors; however, it has fallen short since the government hasn’t affectively took account of key recommendations such as education and child welfare.
The Indian residential school systems were a key element to cultural genocide because it destroyed practices that allowed the Aboriginal people of Canada to stay as one group.2 The children of Indigenous people were separated from
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Hence, we all have different responsibilities. For residential school survivors, their responsibility is to heal themselves and revitalize their culture and language. For governments, it is about building a respectful relationship with the Indigenous people. Lastly, churches must compensate for their mistakes and schools need to teach history that engages in respect to the Aboriginal

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