Cultural Cognitive And Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

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Cultural Cognitive and Genetically Modified Organisms

With world economy getting diversified and globalized there is a growing need to understand the perceptions and value of people towards new technologies. It is even more important when it comes to understanding people’s perception of risk associated with Genetically Modified Organism (especially food). In the last decade we have been hearing about pigs that glow in night, chicken without feathers etc. and it seem very normal for people to have their inhibitions and apprehensions towards this technology. People primarily view GMOs as a hazard and threat to human health. It is rated similar to toxic materials because GMO according to them are artificially created in laboratories. In a world view of research risk perceptions are assessed as psychometric or pschyo- social. The risk perceptions associated with GMOs had led to an increased polarization of world. Most of the Europe is still wary about GMOs and many of the European countries demanded for GMO labelling of their food while Northern American countries seem to follow the trend of not labelling. In case of developing countries, it is another set of fights that surpasses the risk perceptions. Why is there a huge polarized view of GMO crops in the world? In these circumstances pschyo social analysis seem to be a better option of understanding these risk perceptions.

Psychometric analysis based the public perception of risk on the two qualitative features of unknown…

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