Cultural Caudillos, Rosas And Peron Essay example

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Historical caudillos, Rosas and Peron
Juan Manuel de Rosas is well known as a historical dictator in Argentina. He dominated Argentina from 1829 to 1852. Some people evaluated him as a caudillo to his enemies, but for his supporters, he was a hero who saved Argentina from disorganization. Although Rosas was a saver to some Argentina, he definitely was a caudillo. He had all caudillo characteristics. He was authoritarian and charismatic, and he was also a large landowner, and implemented populism. People could identify his characteristics in his policies.
First of all, Rosas showed his authoritarian personality and territory expansion by scrambling for the land mercilessly. In 1833, he expelled Indians from southern frontier by violence and occupied their lands, so Rosas gained a great amount of territory. Moreover, he handed out lands to influential ranchers in Buenos Aires to receive strong support from them. By this case, a small number of people had almost land of Argentine, and it caused to form “oligarchy.” By few people owned huge lands, they needed workers to managed lands and herds. In order to solve this problem, free gauchos were hired by ranchers to control herds. Gauchos had special talents. There were four types of gauchos which were the Rastreador who was a track -finder, Baqueano who was a path-finder, outlaw who was a stealer, and cantor who was a singer. Abilities of track and path finding, gauchos were suited to managed land and herds. Furthermore, for…

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