Essay on Cultural Beliefs, Traditions And Customs

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The United States is a country made up of countless ethnicities and nationalities from different parts of the world that have different cultural beliefs, traditions and customs. The rich culture of the U.S. mainly stems from immigrants, individuals who have migrated from another country. With any change there is struggle, especially when it comes to adapting to the culture of a new country. Amongst many immigrants who struggle to adapt to the American culture are those in the Latino Community. According to the U.S Census Bureau (2010), about 52 million Latinos /Hispanics live in the United States, which makes them the largest ethnic minority group living in the United States. The Census Bureau also states that the Latino Community is the fastest growing ethnic group in the United States and will continue to grow in coming years. The increase of Latinos living in the United States suggests that the needs and demands for mental health services among Latinos will also increase. However, for Latinos, culture plays a major role when seeking treatment as they may have different cultural beliefs than those of their North American counterparts and choose not to seek services. Culture refers to many characteristics of a group of people, including attitudes, behaviors, customs and values that are transmitted from one generation to the next (Matsumoto, 2000). Cultures throughout the world share many similarities, but are marked by considerable differences. Many Latinos have the…

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