Cultural Awareness In Transcultural Nursing

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Due to increasing rate of cultural diversity in the United States, nurses in the healthcare sector must have a vast knowledge of different major cultures in the country. Transcultural nursing is advocated in many industrialized nations especially in the US where nearly every culture in the world is represented. Unlike decades ago, movement across countries and continents is much easier today. At the same time, poverty and disruptions of economic power caused by oppressive political governments, wars, terrorism, ethnic conflicts, and natural situations around the world have resulted in mass migration to the United States and other developed countries (Papadopoulos, 2006). There is a strong interaction between culture and health beliefs and practices …show more content…
In fact, cultural awareness is described as the lenses through which we view the world (Papadopoulos et al., 1998). As mentioned in the PTT model, the cultural awareness consists of self-awareness, cultural identity, heritage adherence, and ethnocentricity (Papadopoulos et al., 1998; Papadopoulos, 2006). The nature and construction of cultural identity is shaped by our family, culture of our family, and our close social environment. People may judge others different from their cultural background in a negative way. This may be done intentionally or subconsciously. For example, during my internship at Decatur Memorial Hospital (DMH) when I used to follow the Vascular access team, while we were discussing the rate of infection in the healthcare settings, one of the nurses asked a question which I knew the answer to it. When I began to speak, a nurse interrupted immediately and said “You even have an accent.” That nurse equated having an accent different from American accent to lack of intelligence or knowledge. This is called ethnocentricity in the model. Many people, including me might have done this subconsciously, thinking that our values and those of our cultural group are superior to those of people from different cultural heritages. When we think, and behave in this way, our biases will almost always overcloud our judgment. Therefore, the cultural awareness is the “bedrock” where other stages are

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