Cultural Awareness And Ethical Practice Essay

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Thomas et al., (2014) highlighted changes and uncertainties exist all the way through CPD. Besides DH (2004) identified the levels of competence-based practice and NMC (2015) requires nurses to maintain and develop self-competence to improve self-performance. It is a collaborative learning process to take self-assessment to explore the strength and difficulties to enable self to achieve training outcomes.
After a full self-assessment of my interprofessional capability, I realise that my strength is the domain of cultural awareness and ethical practice (CAEP) because of my past over ten-year’s professional working experience in community and professional training. However, this background did not give me any advantages in the domain of collaborative working (CW) in UK. As non-English working background holds back my interpersonal communication skills (IPCS) in specific healthcare interactions, therefore I put myself in level 1 in Capability CW2. I recognise that my IPCS are far too weak due to lack of confidence in speaking out my mind based on language and linguistic ability. It is necessary to analyse my IPCS to achieve an improvement.
DH (2004) and EU (2004) have emphasised the importance of IPCS to achieve an efficient healthcare. In addition, nursing literatures underline it to promote best practice as well (NMC, 2015 and McCabe et al., 2006). However, healthcare interactions are often in very complicated sets of demanding and stressful circumstances, which inevitably…

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