Essay on Cultural Attitudes Towards Health And Culture

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Cultural attitudes to health
In this essay, I will critically analyse three different cultural attitudes towards health and their cultural approaches to prevent illnesses. I will be discussing African attitudes, Western attitudes and Asian/Pacific attitudes towards health. Culture can be an important factor to know about, to understand the patients needs and to treat them within their comfort zones. All cultures have different traditions and ways of treating someone regarding health issues or different beliefs on why an illness occurs. While some of them believe in herbs and homemade cures, others trust the authority figures, such as qualified doctors or nurses. Differences in cultures affect patients ability to cope and manage with the effects a disease brings along and the aftermath of a treatment.
African cultures are very diverse, but they share similar characteristics. Spiritual health is seen equally important as physical well being. The whole community is involved when treating an illness, as they have an extended kinship bond with everyone. They also believe in healing. Healing knowledge is passed around through family members by telling stories, but knowledge about medicine and plants are often kept a secret and is only passed on to future practitioners. Only after failed attempts to cure the illness with home remedies, they will seek a physician or professional. Illnesses are associated with fate or even bad luck. Church plays a major role in african cultures and…

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