Cultural Assessment Of Nursing Care Essay examples

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Cultural Competent Nursing Care
Sharon Colton
South University

Cultural Competent Nursing Care
Cultural competent nursing care is the expectation in today’s society. As nurses, we need to be mindful of different cultures and their healthcare beliefs. We need to be able to adapt to our patient’s cultural needs in order to provide holistic care to our patients and their families. “Health-care providers must recognize, respect, and integrate clients ' cultural beliefs and practices into health prescriptions to eliminate or mitigate health disparities and provide client satisfaction.” (Purnell, 2009, p. 3)
In Columbia, there are many areas that can affect nursing care in this culture. Some of them are language, family organization, health practices, spirituality, and death rituals. These areas should be addressed and considered when providing culturally competent care for these patients and their families.
The primary language in Columbia is Spanish. (M. O, personal communication, September, 2014) To give culturally competent care, one must be able to adequately communicate with the patient. If one does not speak Spanish, then the next best alternative would be to get an interpreter for the patient. Most hospitals provide a “language line” which gives immediate access to the patient’s language through a qualified interpreter over the phone. Some hospitals also provide on-site interpreters for the community. Another alternative would be to provide written…

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