Cultural Assessment And Heritage Assessment Essay

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After completing my cultural assessment in class, I had to find a time to interview my mother, Kimberly. Luckily, this past week she has been out of school on spring break so it was easier for her to have the time to answer all the questions. I called her Tuesday March 29th around two o’clock in the afternoon. She was just finishing mopping the kitchen floor and was sitting down to eat. She told me that I could ask her the questions while she ate. I began asking her the questions, answering the ones I already knew about her and double checking those. I noticed that as we went through our answers were quite the same.
The first section of the cultural assessment is overview and heritage. This domain contains questions that relate on residency, origin, and ancestry. My mother and I were both born in Asheville North Carolina and both currently reside in Hendersonville North Carolina. Her ancestry is composed of twenty-five percent German, twenty-five percent Dutch, and fifty percent Scots-Irish. It comes as no surprise that my ancestry includes those as well, with a tad bit more German from my father’s side as well. We have both resided in the mountains all our lives and have not lived outside of the United States. Her income level is different than mine since I am a student and she has graduated from college and has a degree in education. She is currently a first grade elementary school teacher and previously a paralegal. After reviewing the first domain…

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