Cultural Aspects Of My Culture

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I consider myself from a middle economical class upbringing. My parents a very similar in certain ways but yet so different. Let me explain each side. My father is the first eldest son of 8 children. He was born in Mexico city and grew up in Tijuana, Rosario. My grandpa was in and out of his life, he had several families with different women. My father 's family was the only family that my grandpa decided to help illegally migrate from Mexico to the United States. My fathers step brothers are stepsister still live in different parents of Mexico.My father migrated to the United States around the age of 15 he completed his High School diploma from Santa Ana High School. This was one of his greatest accomplishments because he
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It wasn 't till I grew up and realize how much of a culture shock I met. In elementary school I was the only hispanic in the class. I was also shaped very different from most girls in my class. A lot of my class mates where from the typical white ,skinny , blonde hair, blue eyes.As for me I was tall, had curves, brown hair and eyes. I was very different and couldn 't relate to much kids in my class compared to the previous school I was at most of the children where from a Hispanic decent. I remember as a kid I related to the Hispanic singer Selena because in the movie her father stated that “ we need to be able to better than the Mexican and better than the Americans because we are Mexican Americans “ meaning due to the fact that we are Mexican Americans we need to be able to fit in with the American and fit in with Mexicans. I completely understand Spanish although when I speak it was a little broken. Growing up in didn 't really embrace my Mexican culture because I felt like it was shameful. I had family members bash me by calling me white wash and make fun of the way I spoke Spanish because of where I lived. So when I was younger I was insecure about not being fluent in Spanish like i “should” be. Now that I 'm older I regret it but I learned it 's not to late to learn. So my boyfriend speaks only Spanish and I mostly speak English so if there 's words we don 't know in either language …show more content…
My dad 's other sister is divorced and has a boy and a girl who are 32 and 20. There names are Bryan and Brianna and Bryan is gay and married and has a boy named Jayden.on my mom side I have a total of 13 cousins. My cousins ages range from 10-32. I have a total of 4 aunts and 4 uncles. One my dad side we strongly dislike his sister because she would use my dad for money. She would also help my dad to cheat on my mom. I remember when I was little and go over to my dad 's sisters house and I would feel uncomfortable being there because they would also talk bad about my mom. We live so close to them but we have no relationship towards them. Her kids attended the same schools my sisters and I went to and we would act like we never knew each other. My dad 's side of the family would always ask him to borrow money but they would never remember to pay us back. I 'm really close to my mom side of the family. No matter if we get into any fights I would always have their backs. One of my cousin in my on my mom 's side was detected bipolar disorder and at the same time my aunt suffered from an aneurysm. At this time it was very stressful for our family because we really haven 't had any crisis moments to deal with. Thank God everything played out well and my aunt survived and my cousin has learned to deal with his disorder. we all go through traumatically events in our family but adapting to a life change is the

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