Essay about Cultural Aspects Of Cultural Culture

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Cultural identity is a feeling of belonging to a particular culture which holds similar behaviors, beliefs, values, and symbols. Culture can also be termed as what makes a person including language, gender, religion, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation among others. Although we are all born into different cultures, we are not born with them but learn about them at all levels of growth and development and as we grow old enough to understand. Those values are passed along by communication and imitation from one generation to the next. We understand what our own culture is all about and learn to value all that our cultures value, adjusting to the dynamic style of it as culture changes over a period of time.
I started learning about my culture starting from an early age of three years first when realized I wore different clothes than boys so I knew my gender .As I kept on growing, I was introduced to some types of cultural foods which are more valuable in any culture and at the same time which is needed for human survival. Again I learnt about religion and as time went by. I knew there were several of them but my family had already chosen a specific one. , I learnt about my origin and the many tribes in my country at the same time whereby I came to understand that they do not all share same culture but each of the forty two tribes had different cultures. As learning is a life time process, I still find myself learning new things about my culture even today which…

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