Essay about Cultural Appropriation Of The Aztec Mascot

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The dictionary definition of a mascot is any person, animal, or object thought to bring luck used to represent a group with a common public identity. It does not include a group of people’s culture. Anyone against removing any Native American mascot backs up their claim by saying, “we are honoring them.” The dictionary definition of honor is: regard with great respect. How are we regarding respect to Native Americans when we portray them as uncivilized, violent people who wear breechcloths and feathered headdresses? Indian mascots reinforce the negative stereotypes of Native American people. Instead of honoring them we are only hurting them more. San Diego State University’s cultural appropriation of the “Aztec” and the “Aztec Warrior” mascot affects its student by supporting the oppression of a minority and promoting racism tolerance. My opinion is that the Aztec mascot should be removed.

The image the school gives of Native Americans prevents students from understanding their the past and present history. It offends and diminishes the intelligence of many Native Americans in the United States and contributes to the issue in educational equity. The use of Indian mascots is one of the causes of low-self esteem in Native American children and is often an issue in their academic achievement (Pewewardy, 1999). San Diego State University’s Aztec mascots exhibits an inauthentic representation of Native Americans culture. Native Americans would’ve never associated their sacred…

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