Cultural Appropriation Examples

People tend to be unaware what cultural appropriation is. Cultural appropriation defines as when one culture adopts an element of another culture. (Uwujaren 9/30/13) In the world today, many people are witless as to what is culturally appropriate.
There are many examples of cultural appropriation today, such as henna tattoos, bindi’s, sports team names, etc. These types of culture or traditions have become a fad for people, especially in America. People who are within the culture tend to get offended when their culture is made into a fad. There are many arguments in newspapers, blogs, and articles that are against cultural appropriation. I myself have come upon many posts on that have to do with Cultural appropriation.
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I am one of those people myself. I find it a bit disgusting when people who are not invited to put henna on for the “fun of it”. Henna is something that I am close to. It is something I have grown up with, so to me when people put on henna for the fun of it. It makes me feel like people are mocking my culture. I am not saying people should not take part in other people traditions and cultures. If they choose to do so they should at least educate themselves about the tradition or culture they are taking part …show more content…
If an Asian teenager were to wear a t-shirt with an American brand or logo on it, it would not be considered cultural appropriation. When famous singer, Selena Gomez wears a bindi in her music video that is considered cultural appropriation.
People repeatedly get racism and cultural appropriation mixed up as well. They are not the same thing. Racism has to do with races and cultural appropriation has to do with religion and/or culture. In fact, if someone was to do research on one or the other it is possible to think of them as the same thing or similar.
The people who are not acquainted with cultural appropriation yet still refuse to understand peoples feeling about such things, should have enough sense to do some research about it. It may not matter to a percentage of Americans, but when it comes to it being your own culture it matters a lot. If I did not have such strong feeling about henna, or any other cultural thing I would not be so enraged about this topic. Considering it is such a controversial issue I am disappointed that people supply it with such low importance. All I ask for is for people to respect others cultures and if you are not definite whether it will offend someone all one has to do is

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