Cultural Appropriation Definition

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"Cultural Appropriation” mean Choosing any effort of intellectual, cultural, artistic or believe, individually or collectively from other cultures and make it as a special effort an unlawful or immoral manner.
Illegal Quote intellectual effort extended to ancient history, it is still going on by individuals or institutions, or even political systems.
Multiple purposes, known on a personal level, change the culture of minorities by political systems, and change the culture of a society by the occupation to control resources.
Stand against this behavior depends on the three parties, artist, producer, and the audience
Support sentences: Concluded sentences: The responsibility is belonged to artistes, producers, and audience.

Surly, Theft
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Started by “The Life and Passion of Christ” (1903) and so on, like “The Greatest Story Ever Told” 1965, Jesus Of Nazareth”1977,” Jesus”1999, and “The Passion of the Christ
” 2004. “Quote without respect”, severe criticism to many people for the year 2015-2016 Published in both The New York Times and The Washington Post. Nine ‘Cultural Appropriations’ by Music and Movies In 2015-16”. This is mean, we still, looking for originality, innovation, and creation in our works, but there are some still looking to embezzlement for other
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The goal may be noble or deliberately exploitation for minority abuse at the same or differ communities. The most important question: is there clear boundary between Quote or appropriation?
It is very clear in During colonialism for great nations against third world countries. It found out later, after the enormous development in the telecommunications world has become a small village.
Border will be visible when there is a reference to the source, recognition, and compensation in some cases when the creative work is personally and Legislation intellectual protection laws, and generalize it to include all the world.
Great to be excellent in performance, composing, and writing, and more wonderful to be creative and innovative. Naturally that quotes from others, reference to this quote will respect the intellectual rights, it is much better than to be discovered later.
Scatter world is heading to become one world, starting with the merger of small communities to fuse in larger communities, Unifying common language, culture, and art. It is like elements diffusing to create a new one with new

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