Essay on Cultural Appropriation And Its Effects On American Culture

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"Cultural Appropriation” mean Choosing any effort of intellectual, cultural, artistic or believe, individually or collectively from other cultures and make it as a special effort an unlawful or immoral manner.
Illegal Quote intellectual effort extended to ancient history, it is still going on by individuals or institutions, or even political systems.
Multiple purposes, known on a personal level, change the culture of minorities by political systems, and change the culture of a society by the occupation to control resources.
Stand against this behavior depends on the three parties, artist, producer, and the audience
Support sentences: Concluded sentences: The responsibility is belonged to artistes, producers, and audience.

Surly, Theft of intellectual effort, culture, and the arts became popular for a long time during the occupation of European countries for many Third World countries. the lack of protection laws Contributed of this effort, supported by occupation authorities to abolish the culture of peoples under occupation. It is, and was an easy way to be famous and get a benefit from stealing effort from unknown person or community.
Certainly, peoples under occupation Was un able to occupying to prosecute the occupation authority, it was the cancellation of the other 's culture and behavior common companion to military operations. African Diaspora which represent a phase of the colonization of Africa, transfer part of the African culture to many countries,…

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