Cultural Anthropology : Development Of Culture, And Society Within Humans Themselves

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Cultural Anthropology consists of the development of culture, and society within humans themselves. Anthropologists study cultures to have a better understanding of how other social institutions work, by conducting numerous field work to participate in cultural events of the given culture being studied. The field work that I myself have chosen to conduct and discuss is located in Downtown Sacramento, on K and 20th street. I chose an establishment named LowBraw; lounge by day, bar by night. The social issues that were represented in this study were viewing the differences and similarities between how heterosexual and same sex couples act in society, and how society then chooses to act around them. The battle for equality for same sex couples made this study a hot topic to view how these couples are viewed. The most astute observations that I drew from include two separate visits dealing with a particular heterosexual and same sex couple.

Heterosexual couples are seen as the norm in our society. When someone thinks of a couple, they will normally picture the bond between a man and woman. The first field observations took place on a Friday night at 11pm, while the second took play on a Sunday night at 6pm. During the first observation on Friday, LowBraw was swarming with people. On this particular evening, the ages of the individuals attending ranged from early twenties to late thirties. People seemed to interact and stay within their own tight knit groups, never breaking…

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