Cultural Anthropology : Anthropology Is A Focus Of Anthropology

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Cultural anthropology is a focus of anthropology in relation to social structuring, laws, beliefs, and resources. This focus reports out on how all of these aspects comes together to shape the culture of society. Every form of civilization from the riches to the poorest and be socially dissected by cultural anthropology. I have found that studying cultural anthropology has helped me to learn of different cultures’ circumstances that I was unaware about. This has benefited me in a way that I can have a greater level of empathy and understanding for other cultures. The study also reveals things about your own culture that you formerly unaware of. Seeing your own culture more clearly for what it really is has helped me to appreciate certain things as well become aware of the issue within my own culture. Studying cultural anthropology has also shown me the perspective of many anthropologist throughout time all over the world. Being exposed to various anthropologist thoughts has given me an accurate representation of how others throughout the world thinks whether I agree or not. All of these statements are why others to study anthropology encourage.
Using Cultural anthropology is a great way to learn of others’ cultural circumstances. Learning of other’s cultural circumstances has allowed me to achieve a greater level of empathy. I am now able to understand why people in the cultures I’ve learned about feel the way that they do. An example of cultural circumstance that I learn…

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