Essay on Cultural And Religious Customs Of India

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The social and political aspects of any country are always deeply entwined with the political environment often being swayed by civil aspects and even ancient seemingly archaic cultural and religious customs. India in particular retains a very culturally influenced political scene despite recent efforts to convert into a more modern, secular institution.
Throughout the majority of India’s history it has been integrated into various major empires, the first of these was the Indus Valley civilization, one of the largest ancient empires that existed before Rome. Though theoretically existing as contested ground local leaders generally retained their seat of power over small isolated regions consisting of a few towns and the farming and herd lands surrounding them, these “pocket civilizations” often grew up around rivers and lakes, though they could also be found anywhere with an abundance of valuable resources such as timber or precious stones and metals. As populations grew, travel between the isolated provinces became safer and thus more frequent, resulting in more trade opportunities and a need for a more centralized government.
Due to India being occupied by several different empires over the course of its history a variety of religions have held political power and endorsement; resulting in a confusing jumble of religious laws that also govern secular institutions and even foreign policy. Because of these sometimes contradictory laws, police enforcement can be sporadic…

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