Cultural And Ethnic Differences: The Importance Of Diversity In Pakistan

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Register to read the introduction… In Pakistan social fabric is divided on the basis of caste, creed and language. As a result Pakistan is one of the most diversified countries in world to rule, therefore, in such a state democracy gives the best possible governance because it emphasizes on equality for everyone in decision making and government forming. In addition to this, humans are born free so they have the right to choose group of persons to run their country and have the right to speak against them if they are not performing up to their expectations and demands. No doubt, cultural and ethnic differences exist, but giving right to everyone does not mean that everyone is wise enough to take part in the crucial matters of government. Moreover, the in-transparency of voting system leads to the addition of illegible and uneducated people in the government. Additionally, unity could be maintained in the country through dictatorship as if a political party wins the election whose leadership belongs to Punjab then Sindhis are not happy and vice versa. For example PML-(N) whose leadership belongs to Punjab, won 217 seats in Punjab while in Sindh it just won four seats (Pakistan Elections 2013) which reflects that Sindhi’s do not want to be ruled by Punjabis. Similarly, ANP is restricted in KPK and is unable to win even a single seat in other provinces. Therefore, dictatorship provides the best solution to this diversity by providing a centralized government whereas democracy leads to disputes as everyone want to support candidates from their …show more content…
In addition, high illiteracy rate in Pakistan recommends dictatorial government because politicians and people both work and vote for their personal gains and the voting system is also in-transparent which brings illegible people in the government. Dictatorial government gives equal preference to all provinces and people. Having it to rule the country is a better approach in a diverse society where people are divided on basis creed, color, culture and language as a dictatorial government avoids the social instability by taking prepositions of a few wise men into account when making economic and political decisions So, it can be said that dictatorship is the best form of governance for Pakistan or atleast the best available.

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