Essay on Cultural Analysis Of World War One

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Cultural Blending in World War One & World War Two through Cuisine

Katie Miller
Venture High School
May 17, 2016

Before World Wars countries are different, they have more resources than they do during the war. The reasoning behind that is during war when countries are against each other their supplies get cut off and they don’t have what they normally have. During the war we they have these struggles of learning how to adjust their way of doing things can sometimes be challenging. Learning to adapt to these changes at first seem really hard but in the end it is what makes up a country 's culture and history. They had to change daily routine and help other community members adjust to change.
While in war sometimes it is a good choice to align with another country or get on their good side. If you don’t she the benefit at the moment you will possibly in the future. Like Karl Juchheim from Germany, he was captured by some Japanese soldiers. At first this seemed bad which in all honesty it kind of was until the Japanese soldiers found out he was a pastry shop owner. It sounds weird, but the relationship they grew with Karl was for the better. Karl Juchheim was born December 25, 1886 in Southern Germany. When he was 22 years old he moved to Jiaozhou Bay, China. In 1909 he opened his own pastry and coffee shop. After five years in Jiaozhou Bay he went back to Germany to find a wife. Through a close family member he met Elise, and in 1914 they…

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