Cultural Analysis : Cultural Intelligence Essay

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To become culturally intelligent and hence be able to adapt to other cultures, an individual needs to take a step back from their own culture and become culturally self-aware of those around themselves. Cultural awareness is the act of observing and understanding the culture of individuals around yourself. This is done by taking a step back from one’s own culture and seeing the world through someone else’s eyes. (Quappe and Cantatore, 2005, p. 1) Cultural intelligence is stated by Brislin, Worthley and Macnab (2015, p. 1) as having different meanings depending on the various contexts it’s used in. Where one definition addresses an individual’s level of adjustment into another culture, the other addresses the most culturally adaptable individual within a group.The key attributes a person can achieve to become culturally self-aware and hence culturally intelligent include having an understanding of what culture is. Being aware when if ever they are in culture shock and…..

Culture is a hard topic to define due to its broad concept, because of this it’s literal meaning is often misinterpreted. When asked what their culture is an individual often jumps to the conclusion that their ethnic background is their culture. However ethnicity is only one very basic segment of a person’s culture. Schwartz defines culture as derivatives of both an individual’s personal experience and knowledge throughout their life in combination with their knowledge and values passed down through past…

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