Essay about Cultural Analysis : Cultural Intelligence

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The ability for one to effectively, adapt to multiple cultural situations is called cultural intelligence (CQ). “It is defined as the capability to function effectively in a variety of cultural contexts (Livermore, 2011).
If a company is going into a foreign market, it will be imperative for them to have a high CQ knowledge. If would be beneficial for all leaders of the company to have a high level of CQ, but it is imperative that one of the leaders has a high level of CQ. The foreign market that is accepting the business needs to feel that the company is there to serve their needs, not that they are only there for the company’s financial gain.
In order to have a high level of CQ, the business leaders need to have high levels of the four CQ capabilities: drive (motivation), knowledge (cognition), strategy (meta cognition), and action (behavior) (Livermore, 2011).
If a leader is going to Brazil, from the United States, it is imperative that they have a high motivation level to learn the culture and are willing to adapt to the Brazilian culture. As the culture of Brazil, is to have immense, genuine, personal relationships, this person is going to have to be committed to making the commitment to earning the trust and respect of the people of their community and their business partners. This person will have a high intrinsic desire to learn and be immersed in the Brazilian culture. They will have a high extrinsic level to see the value in building these…

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