Cultural Analysis : Brazil, Brazil Essay

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Cultural Analysis

Brazil is a main exporter of coffee, which is a favorite commodity of the world, along with other popular exports needed worldwide. When doing plenty international trade, it is critical to be aware of certain business cultures to ensure a pleasurable and successful experience and to maintain a business relationship with each other.

When meeting people in Brazilian businesses or government offices, it is essential to make an appointment at least two weeks in advance, as time is essential in the business arena. In some areas of Brazil, it is acceptable to be casual about time and work, yet in San Paulo a strictly professional culture is implemented for business while causality is reserved for social and personal events. However, in the United States, it is liable for businessmen to exchange business cards and make meeting appointments during their introductions whether at a social or business event.

For the first meeting, it is not necessary that a gift is given, but buying their principal meal, lunch at midday, is accepted, or a light dinner. It is not acceptable to offer gifts to US companies either because it may be taken as a bribe; instead, a written thank you note or a meal invitation is appropriate. This is why many business meetings may be held during breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on the availability of both clients.

Once you come to the meeting, it is common courtesy and expected to be offered small cups of very strong Brazilian coffee.…

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