Cultural Activity Essay

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Assignment 3: Cultural Activity Report
By: Christina Ackerman
Dr. James Allen
Humanities 1
June 14, 2015

I was lucky to be chosen as a chaperone for my youngest son’s fourth grade field trip. The trip was on Friday May fifteenth and we spent three hours at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia PA after visiting the Liberty Bell. Out trip attendees consisted of one hundred ten year olds and twenty adults as guides and chaperones. We were transported from the school in four large buses which included a bathroom and DVD players to the children’s delight. It took us about forty five minutes to go from the school in Bethlehem to the museum in Philadelphia. Each chaperone was in charge of five children and upon entering the museum you
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What I found most interesting about the crossbow was the fact that something that seems so primitive to us was an amazing innovation of its time and its creation played a large part in the Mongolian military success. Another display that I found very powerful was the display of Mongolian warriors. The Mongols mainly used armor made of leather and iron because they needed more mobility while riding on horseback. What I found even more interesting was their helmets were also made of iron and leather, but they have the most interesting horse hair plume at the top. The warriors were also not the only ones to wear armor, the horses in the military adorned armor too. I found the fact that their horses were dressed in armor proved how very important that they were to the Mongolian army. While Genghis Khan was known as a merciless warrior he was also known for open trade along the silk route. According to our text the Silk Road prompted cultural interchange between East and West. (Sayre, 2015) I found it interesting that even though Genghis Khan was known to have conquered an empire larger than that of Rome that our text does not even give him any mention. It was very eye opening to see the amazing display of Genghis Khan’s empire and all the accomplishments of someone who came from very humble poor beginnings. His father died at a very young age and he was required to care for his family who was outcast after his

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