Vietnamese Cuisine Research

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Vietnamese Cuisine
Eating plays an important role in Vietnamese society, there are certain requirements of dining etiquette, although this can vary from region to region. For example, in northern and central Vietnam, it is a custom for the oldest family member to sit nearest the door and everyone else to be arranged in descending age. The eldest will also be the first to help himself to food and a host will often serve the guest. In the south where the tradition of etiquette are more relaxed, everyone can dive in and help themselves. If you are the guest, one tradition that is important to remember is the bearing of a small gift. Whether you are invited to eat in a home or restaurant, throughout Asia, from Turkey to China, it is polite to bring
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If the main dish doesn’t have rice to provide the starch content, noodles are used instead. They are eaten at all hours of the day, they are used in breakfast in soups, or simply stir-fried like a snack or used elaborately used in the main dish along with meat, fish and vegetables. In Vietnam “rice and noodles” are one of most important ingredients. Bread Vietnamese people eat a lot of bread more than those in the rest of South – East Asia. The bread of Vietnam is usually made from a combination of wheat and rice flour and is shorter than the French baguette with a slit down in the middle. The breads are either torn into chunks or dipped into stews and curries or the breads are eaten as an alternative to noodles or rice. Vegetables Raw, stir-fries, braised, pickled or salted, vegetables are worked into every meal in some manner in Vietnam. Almost every dish includes a few vegetables but, in addition, there may be vegetables on the side dish, salad, pickled vegetables or leaves to wrap around the food. The main thing to remember in a meal is that there should be an equal balancing of protein, vegetables and …show more content…
Oyster mushrooms
Oriental greens
The types of oriental greens are:
• Pak choy
• Flowering cabbage
• Mustard greens
• Chinese leaves
• Water spinach

Equipment’s used in Vietnamese cooking
The traditional Vietnamese kitchen is basic. Very little equipment is needed in the kitchen.
The kitchen equipment’s are as follows:
• Wok: it is the most important utensil for everyday cooking in a Vietnamese kitchen. The woks are not only used for stir frying but as well as deep frying, steaming, braising and soup making. The measurement should be approximately 35cm/14in across. After each use the wok is cleaned with hot water only dried over a medium heat and wiped with a thin layer of oil over the surface.

• Mortar and pestle made of stone
• Bamboo steamer
• Chop sticks
• Clay pots
• Cleavers
• Draining spoon

Cooking techniques The traditional cooking methods of Vietnam require few tools but a great attention to detail. Fresh ingredients are the most important followed by the balance of flavors, such as bitter, sweet, savory, mild or the combination of all the flavors.
The different cooking techniques are as follows:
• Grinding and pounding: Spices, herbs and other ingredients are grinded in a stone mortar and pestle. The inside of the mortar is rough in order to provide a grip to the

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