Cubism, The Most Influential Movement Of The 20th Century Essay example

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“Bizarreries cubiques” a statement used by a french critic to describe the very first works of a soon to be movement. This soon to be contemporary movement would become the most influential movement of the first half of the twentieth century. That statement was used to describe a cubist painters work. Cubism was so revolutionizing because it moved away from the general art form of that time. Not fully abstract but abstracted from the norm, cubism went against the traditional view of the artist subject. There was a sense , to quote Picasso, to realize forms which will have their own life to live, the painters moved away from the idea of following the traditional techniques of perspective and modeling. They worked with the two-dimensional plane, used geometric shapes and forms, contrasts of shadows, and space. Although vastly different from the conventional style of that time, Cubism was an evolution and progression of art that was and still is significant.
Cubism, the most influential avant-garde movement, was developed in Paris between 1906 and 1914. Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque are known to be the pioneer artists of the Cubist style. Although not at the same reputation and status as Picasso at the time of their meeting, Braque had already started painting these new style of art. It is said that Louis Vauxcelles, a french art critic, spoke of cubes when he reviewed Braque works that were on exhibition at a gallery in 1908. It would not until 1911 that the first cubism…

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